EST. | 2021

A Roaming Wine Experience

For Every Person

Open from 6 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Starting Friday, Nov. 19 - 21




Classic drink. Modern style

Behind the Barrel is a fresh Vancouver concept, a roaming establishment that pays homage to long-beloved comfortable places such as Gordon’s Wine Bar in London, UK.

We prioritize the basics:

Great wine and cheese served casually, so you can relax

and converse over a glass, bottle or nibble without ever feeling rushed or pressured.

Red Wine Bottle

Our Freshest Pick

Like cherries and licorice, this

Mas De Sainte Croix Tendre is

best enjoyed when shared.

Red Wine


We'll be open Nov. 19-21

@ Slickity Jim’s

3475 Main Street, Vancouver

In the meanwhile, you can contact us using the chat box below, or email us at:


  1. We do not take reservations.

  2. We do check vaccine passports.

  3. There are three FAQs.